Amplitude Component Monitor

  • Maintain Clarity
  • Maximize Loudness
  • Maximize Stereo Separation
  • Reduce Subcarrier Crosstalk
  • Assure Consistency of your Signal Coverage
  • Maintain Positive Control of Multipath Artifacts
  • Maximize Performance From Your FM Transmitter
  • Mount using RU Series Mounting Options


RDL's® ACM technology is the only time-proven, industry accepted method of controlling Synchronous AM Noise (the elusive FM transmission bandwidth variations that aggravate multipath artifacts in listeners' receivers). Hundreds of top performing FMs in every major U.S. market turn to ACM technology for maximum bandwidth performance. Every transmitter, new or old, can easily produce poor bandwidth, or can be made to perform as well as any signal in the market. Every FM station needs ACM technology to provide the accurate AM measurement and continuous monitoring needed for optimum transmitter tuning and performance.


Input/Ouput Connector:BNC
Maximum Input Signal:30 V (combined filtered carrier + AM)
Measurement Range:-20 dB to -69 dB (front-panel display), -10 dB to -90 dB (front-panel scope jack)
Residual Noise:< 95 dB below 100% amplitude modulation
Oscilloscope Jack:BNC 5 V p-p for full-scale display
Audio Output:+4 dBu, 100 Ω source impedance
THD of recovered AM:< 0.03%
DC Output:DC level representing significant synchronous AM
Ambient Operating Environment:0° C to 50° C
Power Requirement:18 Vac, external supply included (North America)
Dimensions:1.7 in. x 5.8 in. x 4.1 in., (4.1 cm x 15.0 cm x 10.4 cm)
Package Type:Cardboard Box
Shipping Weight:1.395 lbs.
Package Dimensions:6 x 6 x 2.625 in.
WEEE Weight:1.155 lbs.
Tariff Code:9031.80.8060

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