Add an Additional Audio Source to a System You Didn’t Install

Have you ever had a client that wants you to add an additional audio source to a system you didn’t install?  The client can’t tell you if the source is balanced or unbalanced or if it’s mic or line-level. You don’t know if there are any available inputs!  You could spend two hours and drive to the customer’s location to check it out, or you could hand your service technician an RDL ST-MX2, a power supply and the address. The ST-MX2 is a two input mic and/or line mixer. Each input is equipped with a single turn trimmer for level adjustment. Outputs include both mic and line-level and can be used simultaneously. A dual LED output meter is included for accurate level adjustment. By the way, each input and output may be wired balanced or unbalanced. It’s a STICK-ON®. Put it where you need it!
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