Compact STICK-ON Audio Distribution

Ever have the need to split an audio signal to 3 separate locations?  How about balance a line-level audio signal and then distribute it?  Maybe your installation requires audio distribution with gain or loss?  Need to distribute an audio line but have no room for a larger conventional distribution amplifier?  Then we may just have the module for you. The STICK-ON Series of audio distribution modules allow bridging of any audio line, adjusting the gain, and driving up to three high or low impedance, balanced or unbalanced loads. The STICK-ON distribution amplifiers feature wideband circuitry that produces the unsurpassed pure clarity, low distortion and low noise for which all RDL products are known. Use the STICK-ON series distribution modules alone for mono applications or use two of them for stereo. The STICK-ON series of distribution modules are available in three flavors: ST-DA3: Line-level to Line-level audio distribution. STM-DA3: Mic-Level to Mic-level audio distribution. STM-LDA3: Mic-Level to Line-level audio distribution.  
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