High Quality Audio Amplification in the Most Extreme Heat

There are times when it is necessary to install a power amplifier in an uncontrolled environment where ambient temperatures can exceed the normal operating range of traditional electronic equipment. The RDL FP-PA18H 18 W Mono Hi-Temp Audio Amplifier is the ideal solution for these types of environments. It is designed to operate in ambient temperatures between 0C (32F) and 70C (158F). The amplifier’s integral compressor/limiter insures maximum intelligibility by keeping average power levels high and preventing clipping. Minimal heat is produced by the FP-PA18H and its’ minimal size allows for installation just about anywhere. Whether it’s used in an outdoor kiosk in Dubai or in a light pole in Phoenix the FP-PA18H will continuously deliver a clean audio signal to your loudspeaker by combining RDL’s high audio performance standards with the capability of operation in harsh temperature environments.
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