Multi-point Twisted Pair

RDL Format A twisted pair products make it easy transmit up to three channels of high quality audio from one point to another using twisted pair cabling. Format A products utilize RJ-45 connectors which make field terminations fast and easy. The flexible design of these modules also makes them useful for multi-point applications.

Format A modules use one of the available four pairs for power while the three remaining pairs (conveniently named A, B and C) are dedicated to sending and receiving audio. Sending audio from several different locations is made easy by utilizing the selectable-pair feature of the Format A senders. The single-pair senders allow the user to feed their audio source to one or multiple receiving modules on pair A, B, or C. Two RJ-45 jacks on the rear of the single channel senders allow loop-through of a single “run” of cable.

An ideal application for Format A products is to send the signals from three remote microphones to a central location. This is achieved by using three Format A senders and one receiver at the central location. If one or more of the microphone signals is needed at another location, the user may use the loop out feature of the Format A receiver which allows the signal to continue on to other locations. The active twisted pair receivers bridge the balanced line level audio on the cable so there is no significant loss when using multiple receivers along the same cable.

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