Remote 4×1 Audio Source Selection

The RDL ST-SX4 is the ideal choice when a compact solution for 4×1 unbalanced audio selection is required. The ST-SX4 is a small, simple and cost effective four input audio selector that may be remote conrolled by the RDL RC4-ST Decora® style remote control. The stainless version of this remote control, the RC4-STS, may be custom labeled via RDL’s innovative custom labeling service. Visit the RC4-ST page for more details. Remote control of the ST-SX4 is accomplished through a single control terminal. Connection of a specified resistance between the control input and ground causes the desired input to be switched on. If no control input is connected, the ST-SX4 defaults to input #4. If the control input is shorted to ground, all inputs are switched off. The three required resistors are packaged with the ST-SX4 for ease of installation and set up. The ST-SX4 can be used alone for mono operation or together with another ST-SX4 for stereo applications.
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