Tired of Blowing Your Horns?

Tired of blowing your horns? Need horn loud speaker protection? The RDL ST-HP3 is the device for you. The ST-HP3 is a high quality dual high pass filter offering big horn protection in a small package. The ST-HP3 has one input and dual outputs. The input may be wired either unbalanced or balanced and accepts line-level audio (+4 dBu nominal). One of the two outputs is filtered at 300 Hz and the other output is filtered at 500 Hz. The ST-HP3 operates at unity gain. The two outputs maybe wired either balanced or unbalanced and may be used simultaneously, allowing the filtered audio to be tailored to the exact requirement of the audio system. Just wire the ST-HP3 between the audio source and the power amplifier or in the processing insert loop of an integrated amplifier, choose the low frequency attenuation that your audio system requires and that’s it. No field adjustments required to protect your horns from damage from excessive low frequency content.
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