Desktop Power Supply Mounting Bracket

  • Mounts One Desktop Power Supply
  • Holds One FP-PA20 Style Amplifier or a Variety of Other RDL Modules
  • May be Used to Mount Power Supply to a Flat Surface
  • Compatible with RDL FP-RRA and FP-RRAH FLAT-PAK™ Rack Adapters
  • Description

    The FP-PSB1A mounts one desktop style power supply and it includes a provision to mount other modules. Any RDL FP‑PA20 type audio power amplifier can mount directly to the FP-PSB1A. RDL offers mounting brackets for mounting other RDL modules in place of the FP‑PA20.

    The FP-PSB1A mounts to any flat surface or in an RDL FLAT-PAK series rack mount panel (FP‑RRA or FP‑RRAH). The design of the FP-PSB1A allows it to slide into the FLAT-PAK rack mount track. Mounting the FP‑PA20 power amplifier (or other RDL modules using available adapter) together with the power supply conserves rack space and produces a convenient and professional installation.

    The FP-PSB1A is compatible with all RDL desktop power supplies and with any desktop power supply with maximum dimensions: 5.8”, 14.7 cm x 3”, 7.6 cm x 1.7”, 4.3 cm.


    Input:100 to 240 VAC
    Output:24 Vdc, 2 A (UL, CSA)
    Dimensions:2 in. (5 cm) x 1.33 in. (3.4 cm) x 4.75 in. (12 cm)
    Efficiency:ENERGY STAR Level V
    Ambient Operating Environment:0° C to 40° C Maximum
    Package Type:Cardboard Box
    Shipping Weight:1.5 lbs.
    Package Dimensions:6.25 x 3.75 x 2.25 in.
    WEEE Weight:1.415 lbs

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