TX™ Series modules are application-specific modules for the A/V and related industries. Many TX™ modules offer galvanic transformer isolation. Module functions include signal detection, switching, amplification, format conversion, line driving, mixing, distribution, twisted-pair sending/receiving and more. Each TX™ is a compact module engineered to provide higher performance and longer life than other industry products. TX™ modules are solid encapsulated hybrid circuits in durable industrial black plastic/steel or aluminum enclosures with clear bold white lettering for the jacks, terminal block connections, trimming controls and switches.

TX™ modules are constructed in two widths and heights. All TXs are the same length, have the same mounting hole configuration, and are compatible with all TX™ series mounting options. A complete range of mounting options is available for systems utilizing multiple TX™ modules. A single TX™ module may be mounted right where its function is needed, and are widely used in system designs with OEM or other RDL products. TX SERIES modules are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

  • DRA-35T

    TX Series DIN Rail Adapter

  • TX-10B

    Bridging Input Transformer

  • TX-1A

    Balanced to Unbalanced Transformer - Adjustable

  • TX-1W

    Music on Hold Amplifier - 1 Watt

  • TX-70A

    25 V, 70 V, 100 V Speaker Level Input Interface - Unbalanced line output

  • TX-8A

    4 Ohm / 8 Ohm Input Interface

  • TX-8i

    Headphone Isolation Transformer

  • TX-A2

    Audio Converter - Balanced to Unbalanced

  • TX-A2D

    Dual Audio Converter - Balanced to Unbalanced

  • TX-AFC1F

    Balanced to Unbalanced Audio Transformer - XLR, RCA

  • TX-AFC1M

    Unbalanced to Balanced Audio Transformer - RCA, XLR

  • TX-AT1

    Audio Isolation Transformer - 600 Ω 1:1

  • TX-AT1S

    Audio Isolation Transformer with Suppression

  • TX-AVX

    Automatic Video Switch - 2x1 - BNC

  • TX-HRA3

    10.4" Rack Mount for 3 TX Series Products

  • TX-J2

    Unbalanced Input Transformer - Unbalanced stereo inputs to summed balanced mono output