AMS products are AV connectors, user interfaces and indicators that mount behind the front panel of industry products that provide D-style cutouts, including RDL Decora®-style wall plates and rackmounts. XLR connectors are constructed of metal. The front plate and bracket of other AMS accessories are constructed of black satin powder coated steel. A black plastic bezel is provided to finish the D-style cutout hole when the product is mounted. Wiring connections for all audio and control products are made using terminal blocks.
AMS products are ideal for use in a wide variety of A/V systems where professional quality connections, attractive aesthetics and ease of installation are required.

  • AMS-1/4F

    1/4" Headphone Jack - Fits all AMS mounts

  • AMS-1/8F

    Stereo Mini-Jack - Terminal block connections

  • AMS-10K

    10K Linear Taper Pot & Knob Assembly - Fits all AMS mounts

  • AMS-10KA

    10K Audio Taper Pot & Knob Assembly - Fits all AMS mounts

  • AMS-1RC

    Single RCA Jack Assy - Fits all AMS mounts


    BNC Jack Assy - fits all AMS mounts

  • AMS-FP1

    Filler Plate - fits all AMS mounts

  • AMS-HR6

    Mounting panel for 6 AMS Accessories


    LED Indicator - Blue


    LED Indicator - Green


    LED Indicator - Red


    LED Indicator - Yellow

  • AMS-PB1

    Momentary SPDT Pushbutton - fits all AMS mounts

  • AMS-PJ1

    Power Jack Assy for PS-24V, AS, KS - fits all AMS mounts

  • AMS-RU4

    Mounting panel for 4 AMS Accessories

  • AMS-SW2

    Rocker Switch DPDT - fits all AMS mounts