S/PDIF Repeater / Amplifier

  • Correct S/PDIF Signal Level from Long Line
  • Conversion Between S/PDIF Connector Types
  • BNC, Phono and Optical Inputs
  • BNC, Phono and Optical Outputs
  • Reshape S/PDIF Waveforms
  • Virtually Jitter-Free Performance
  • Convenience of RDL® FLAT-PAKs™
  • Recommended Power Supply ( Not Included )
    PS-24AS (USA)PS-24AX (International)


    The FP-SPR1 is the ideal product for applications requiring either conversion between S/PDIF connector types or recovery of low S/PDIF signal levels. Power connections are made using either the full-size barrier block terminals or a dc power jack located in one end panel. A second dc power jack is provided on the other end panel for connecting additional FLAT-PAK modules.

    The FP-SPR1 is a single-channel module featuring three separate inputs. An input is provided in each conventional S/PDIF format: BNC, phono and optical. Any one of these inputs may be used. A coaxial input has priority over the optical input. Three output jacks are also provided: BNC, phono and optical. Either of the coaxial jacks may be used and/or the optical output may be connected. It is possible to use only one of the three outputs or use one coaxial and the optical output simultaneously. A front-panel SIGNAL LED illuminates when an input signal of sufficient amplitude is received to produce the correct output from the module.


    Inputs (3):75 Ω BNC coaxial, 75 Ω phono coaxial, optical
    Input Level:100 mV to 2.5 V p-p (coaxial)
    Outputs (3):75 Ω BNC coaxial, 75 Ω phono coaxial, optical
    Output Level:500 mV p-p (coaxial)
    Frequency Range:28 kHz to 48 kHz
    Indicator (1):Signal present LED
    Jitter:< 200 pS (input signal 200 mV p-p or greater),
    < 1 nS (input signal 100 mV p-p)
    Ambient Operating Environment:-10° C to 55° C
    Power Requirement:GROUND-REFERENCED, 24 Vdc @ 80 mA Note: May operate from 12 Vdc in standalone installations
    Dimensions:Height: 1.34 in. 3.40 cm; Width: 3.25 in. 8.26 cm; Length: 2.82 in. 7.16 cm
    Package Type:Cardboard Box
    Tariff code:8543.70.9860
    WEEE weight:0.375 lbs.
    Shipping Weight:0.55 lbs.
    Package Dimensions:3.625 x 4.625 x 2.125 in.

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