Switching Power Supply Distributor

  • Distribution of 24 Vdc Power
  • Soft-Start from Switching Supply
  • Outputs may be Activated by an External Switch
  • Outputs may be Activated by an Open-Collector closure to ground
  • Directly Controllable by RDL Remote Controls
  • Up to 8 Power Distribution Points
  • Voltage Presence Indication
  • Reverse Voltage Protection


The TX-PD8X is the ideal choice where power distribution from a current-limited switching power supply is needed. It is suitable for powering up to eight modules from a single power supply. The current limiting circuitry in many switching power supplies will cause the supply to shut down upon power-up when a high current capacitive load is connected. Upon application of power, the TX-PD8X ramps the voltage up, charging any load capacitance as quickly as possible, then switching full voltage to the load. If reverse polarity is connected to the input, the TX-PD8X disconnects the load until the condition is corrected.

In system design, various modules are frequently operated from a single power supply. Good engineering practice requires that the power wiring to each module originate at the power supply output. The TX-PD8X serves as the power source for each of eight modules. The TX-PD8X normally provides power to ground-referenced modules. A front-panel switch permits the installer to enable external control. When the ON terminal is connected to ground, the TX-PD8X outputs are active. External control is possible using RDL detection or control modules, open-collector outputs from OEM equipment or controllers, or using a D-RT2 RDL remote wall control. The front-panel blue LED remains illuminated when the outputs are active.


Input/Output Voltage:24 Vdc @ 2 A (Intended for use with current limited switching supply)
Outputs (8):Total load current must not exceed 2 A
Indicator:POWER LED
Ambient Operating Environment:0° C to 55° C
Power Requirement:24 Vdc @ 25 mA plus connected loads
Package Type:Cardboard Box
Tariff code:8543.70.9860
Package Dimensions:2 x 2 x 4 in.
Shipping Weight:1.06 lbs.
WEEE Weight0.825 lbs
Dimesions:3.17" (8.05 cm) W; 1.76" (4.47 cm) H; 2.06" (5.23 cm) D 3.17 x 1.76 x 2.06 in




CAD FilesUnitsFormat
Engineering Functional BlockAmericanDXF
Panel Diagram - FrontAmericanDXF
Panel Diagram - RearAmericanDXF
Panel Diagram - FrontMetricDXF
Panel Diagram - RearMetricDXF
High Res ImagesFormat
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