Video Distribution Amplifier - 1X2 BNC NTSC/PAL

  • Composite Input to Two Composite Outputs
  • Front-Panel GAIN and EQ Trimmers
  • Operation with NTSC or PAL Signals
  • 75 Ω Terminated Input
  • Input and Outputs on Gold-Plated BNC Jacks
  • Wide Bandwidth > 400 MHz
  • Gold-Plated Professional BNC Jacks
  • Wide Bandwidth Supports High Quality Video
  • Exceptional Performance in a Small Amplifier
  • Recommended Power Supply ( Included )
    PS-24AS (USA)PS-24AX (International)


    The EZ-VDA2B is a composite video distribution amplifier with two outputs. The input and outputs are all 75 Ω on BNC connectors. If the outputs are connected to long coaxial cables (typically 100 to 1000 feet) the front-panel gain and equalization trimmers may be adjusted to restore picture clarity. The wide amplifier bandwidth supports high quality video distribution. The EZ-VDA2B is used in stores, houses of worship, restaurants, clubs, security and commercial sound systems.


    Input:75 Ω on BNC jack
    Input level:1 V p-p nominal
    Gain:Unity to +6 dB (adjustable)
    Bandwidth:> 400 MHz
    Differential Gain:< 0.1%
    Differential Phase:< 0.1 degree
    Equalization:Flat to +7 dB @ 50 MHz (adjustable)
    Residual Noise:< -90 dB (referenced to 1 V p-p)
    Outputs (2):75 Ω source-terminated on BNC jacks, 1 V p-p nominal (terminated)
    24 Vdc power supply current:20 mA (idle), 30 mA (max.)
    Case dimensions:2.9” (7.4 cm)W x 3” (7.6 cm)D
    Mounting size:1/6 rack width
    Package Type:Cardboard Box
    Tariff code:8543.70.9860
    WEEE weight:0.435 lbs.
    Shipping Weight:0.725 lbs.
    Package Dimensions:4.375 x 7 x 2.25 in.

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