AV-PAK products are heavy duty modules intended for rugged field use. Functions include interface, isolation, ground-lift and signal dividing/combining. AV-PAKs are engineered to provide higher performance and better shielding than other industry products. Standard connector types are provided for direct connection and operation by end users. The heavy duty extruded aluminum and steel chassis are finished in a dark gray. Lettering is on a dark background with a protective polycarbonate overlay. The heavy chassis, dark color style and protected graphics make AV-PAKs ideal for both stage use and permanent installation. AV-PAK modules are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

  • AV-AC2

    Cable Kit for AV-HK1 - Dual RCA to Mini-Plug; Dual RCA to Mini-Jack

  • AV-DC4

    Line-Level Audio Divider/Combiner with Ground Lift

  • AV-HK1

    “HUM KILLER” Stereo Audio Isolation Transformer - Dual RCA inputs and outputs

  • AV-HK1X

    “HUM KILLER” Audio Isolation Transformer - XLR input and output

  • Dante interface that converts four line-level XLR inputs to network audio channels.


    Four Channel Line Level Audio to Dante Interface

  • Dante to Stereo Headphone Amplifier


    Dante to Stereo Headphone Amplifier

  • 2 channel Dante Audio Interface


    Dante to Two Channel Line/Mic Audio Interface

  • AV-NL4

    Dante to Four Channel Line/Mic Audio Interface

  • Metal microphone to Dante interface box


    Four Channel Mic to Dante Interface