Q-SYS Plug-In for RDL’s DD-RN Series Network Audio Interfaces

Prescott, AZ, September 28, 2023 As a new member of the Q-SYS Technology Partner Program, RDL is pleased to announce the release of our “DD-RN SERIES NETWORK AUDIO INTERFACES” plug-in. This plug-in allows you to configure and control RDL’s DD- RN Series Dante Interfaces from within the Q-SYS environment. It was developed by RDL and is fully vetted and endorsed by Q-SYS with a Q-SYS Ready badge. Geno Zaharie, Principal, Alliances & Ecosystem, Q-SYS said, “We are proud to have RDL join our program and work collaboratively with us on a plugin integration that will enable elevated experiences across our shared customers.” Plug-In Features:
  • Configure and Adjust RDL’s Software Configurable Dante Interfaces within the Q-SYS environment.
  • Supports Current RN-Series Software Configurable Endpoint Interfaces.
  • Adjust Input Gains, Output Levels, and Enable/Disable Phantom Power.
  • Assigned Plug-Ins Generate Model Specific Features.
RDL’s DD-RN Series includes the DD-RN31, DD-RN40 and the DD-RN42 Wall Mounted Bi-Directional Interfaces, which are available in white, black, and stainless-steel finishes.
  • CLICK HERE for additional information on the DD-RN Series Products.
Simply drag-n-drop one plug-in per RDL unit and assign it in the Q-SYS Configuration Window. Now you’re ready to configure and control the interface’s features such as input gains, output levels, and enable/disable Phantom Power. Assigned plug-ins automatically generate model-specific control features, making it easy and intuitive to adjust the settings.
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