Dante® Plenum-rated Network Audio Amplifiers

RDL manufacturers dozens of audio amplifiers for Dante network or conventional audio systems, including a selection of plenum-rated network audio amplifiers. Amplifier models and features: SF-NP35E PoE++ Network to 35 W Mono Audio Amplifier – 70 V or 100 V SF-NP16E PoE+ Network to 16 W Mono Audio Amplifier – 70 V or 100 V […]

Versatile Touch-Activated Pushbutton

The AMS-TS1 Illuminated Touch-Activated Pushbutton is a versatile interface used to initiate functions such as MUTE or OVERRIDE in automatic mixers and digital audio signal processors. It can be integrated with virtually anything that can be controlled by an Open Collector (pull to ground).  Integral red and green LED’s indicate the status of the pushbutton. […]

Simple Two Room Audio Combining System

A common application we are asked to help with is a simple Two Room Combining System. The system shown in the drawings below allows the user to combine the outputs of the ROOM A and ROOM B mixers and route the combined signals to the ROOM A and ROOM B amplifiers. The D-RT2 Remote Control […]

Setting IP Addresses of Dante™ Devices

In order for Dante devices to communicate with a computer loaded with DANTE CONTROLLER, the Dante devices and the computer must first be on the same network (in the same range of IP addresses). If not on the same network, Dante Controller will discover and display the names of the devices, but will not be […]

Decora® Dual Mic Preamp with Automatic Gain

The D SERIES-TPSM2A is a single-gang Decora style two channel microphone preamplifier compatible with other RDL Format-A senders and receivers as well as RDL RU-FN and RU-BNF Dante™ interfaces. The D-TPSM2A provides 48 volt phantom power for condenser microphones and XLR inputs accept signals from both dynamic and condenser microphones. One of the features that […]

How to: Jukebox Override Background Music

Some time ago we discussed the various uses of RDL ST-ACR Series Audio Controlled Relays. One of the applications mentioned was Jukebox Overrides Background Music . We are frequently asked to provide point to point wiring diagrams for this type of application and have produced the following drawings for balanced or unbalanced / mono or […]

Gating a Noisy Signal

A recent call into the RDL Tech Support line came from a contractor who was installing a paging system on a campus where it was not practical to run cable between the various buildings. They had installed a low power FM transmitter at the main office and receivers that fed the amplifiers in the various […]

Automatically Provide Gain to Low Level Signals and Attenuation to High Level Signals

    The high performance ST-GCA3 is an automatic gain control amplifier that provides a constant average audio output despite variations in input levels. It is used extensively in broadcast production and transmission, conferencing and sound reinforcement systems. The ST-GCA3 automatically provides gain to low level signals and attenuation to high levels. The adjustment rate […]

Prevent THUMPS and POPS When Powering A/V System On or Off

Proper power ON and OFF sequencing in a sound system will prevent annoying and sometimes damaging THUMPS and POPS by turning power amplifiers ON last and OFF first. Sequentially powering ON multiple electrical / electronic components will also help manage high inrush currents that can cause circuit breakers to trip and current-limited power supplies to […]

Voice Intercom System using 2 STICK-ONs

The ST-IC1 Intercom Amplifier is the building block for a variety of voice intercom applications ranging from Patient Monitoring in health care facilities to Entry Access communications in industrial, residential, educational and correctional facilities. The ST-IC1 has a single microphone level input, a single speaker level output and muting control terminals. The input is capable […]

Expandable Multi-Channel Local and/or Remote Audio Level Control

The RDL RU-VCA2A and RU-VCA6A are full-featured multi-channel attenuator modules for local and/or remote level control of line-level analog audio. The RU-VCA2A is a two-channel device for stereo or mono use. The RU-VCA6A is a six-channel product for control of 5.1 Surround Sound. Either attenuator may also be used to control multiple individual analog audio […]

Expandable Audio Mixing

Featuring the versatility, reliability and low-noise performance typical of RDL products, the RU-MX5ML provides expandable audio mixing capabilities for applications in corporate, house of worship, sports, educational and hospitality environments. The RU-MX5ML features five inputs each with a front panel user adjustable level control. Four inputs are switch-selectable mic or line. The fifth is line […]

RACK-UP Series Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifiers

The RDL RU-ADA4D and RU-ADA8D are high performance line level Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifiers suitable for use in any professional audio application. The RU-ADA4D is Stereo X 4 and the RU-ADA8D is Stereo X 8. Inputs are provided with front panel screw driver adjustable gain trimmers and RDL Dual-LED VU meters to assure proper operating […]

Versatile Two Channel Mic/Line Preamplifier

The two channel RU-MLA2 is a stereo or dual mono Audio Preamplifier designed with versatility in mind.  Suitable for use in installed or portable sound reinforcement and recording systems, the RU-MLA2 provides the audio clarity, reliability and flexibility expected of RDL products. RU-MLA2 inputs and outputs are individually switch-selectable between mic and line level.  This […]

The Versatile RU-MLD4 Audio Distribution Amplifier

The RU-MLD4 is a multipurpose 1 X 4 mono Audio Distribution Amplifier with the flexibility, reliability and quality engineered into every RDL product. The RU-MLD4 input and each of the four outputs are switch selectable between microphone and line-level. A user-adjustable front panel gain trimmer and RDL Dual-led VU meter are provided to simplify set-up. […]

Switching Controlled by an Audio Signal

RDL ST-ACR Series Audio Controlled Relays are used in any application where an audio signal must be used to create either a relay closure or Open-Collector output to control another piece of equipment or a circuit. Common applications include:   Juke Box overrides Background Music AN-2024 Silence or “Dead Air” Sensor in broadcast environments Automatic […]

The Ultra Flexible SOURCEFLEX™ Distributed Audio System

The RDL SourceFlex system is used extensively in entertainment applications such as Sports Bars, Restaurants and Fitness Centers. With the capability of distributing up to 8 audio programs to any number of SourceFlex listening stations, this highly flexible system is equally at home in: Dental Offices Multi-language Interpretation Systems Multi-station Broadcast Outlets SourceFlex listening stations […]

Ultra-Compact 40 Watt Stereo Power Amplifiers

Modern flat panel televisions and video displays can provide a wonderful visual experience, but many fall short when it comes to the audio that goes along with the video. On many models the built in loudspeakers are next to each other immediately under the display itself. The proximity of these limits the stereo experience. Furthermore […]

Control One Audio Level From Multiple Locations

Level control from a single remote location is a popular application made simple using two RDL modules. The RDL RLC10K Remote Level Control mounts in the wall; the ST‑VCA2 Voltage Controlled Amplifier mounts in the rack (or wherever the power amplifier is located!). The ST‑VCA2 adjusts the line input level to an audio power amplifier […]