Logic Controlled Relay - Latching

  • Alternate-Action Switching
  • Add Contacts to Any Control Signal
  • Activation from Logic Circuits
  • DPDT Switching Relay
  • Open-Collector Switching
  • Control from Switch, Button, or Logic Circuits
  • Recommended Power Supply ( Not Included )
    PS-24AS (USA)PS-24AX (International)


    The ST-LCR2 provides double-pole, double-throw dry switching contacts and LED indicator for relay closure. The ST-LCR2 is used where momentary pulses must alternately toggle on/off switching contacts. Open-collector slave output allows connection of remote on indicator or an ST-LCR1 for additional relay contacts.


    Control Inputs:SLAVE terminal used as an input from remote push-button or switch turns on relay when that switch is on. Activation is by connecting slave input to ground. Input from other equipment's open-collector output turns relay on when open-collector is on. Note: RDLswitching STICK-ONs have available open-collector outputs suitable for driving ST-LCR2. 5 V+ terminal accepts 3.5 to 12 Vdc to activate control circuit. Relay turns on when this input is pulsed high then low,then turns off again the next time it is pulsed high then low. 24 V+ terminal accepts 12 to 35 Vdc to activate control circuit. Relay turns on when this input is pulsed high then low, then turns off again the next time it is pulsed high then low.
    Output Slave:Open-collector @ 25 mA suitable to drive indicators or slave LCRs.
    Switching Contacts:Double-pole, double-throw
    Maximum Switching Power:60 W (220 Vdc, 125 Vac, 2 A)
    Ambient Operating Environment:-10° C to 55° C
    Power Requirement:GROUND-REFERENCED, 24 Vdc @ 50 mA (assuming 20
    mA max load at SLAVE output)
    Dimensions:Height: 0.7 in. (1.7 cm), Width: 3 in. (7.6 cm), Depth: 1.6 in. (3.9 cm)
    Package Type:Cardboard Box
    WEEE weight:0.145 lbs.
    Shipping Weight:0.195 lbs.
    Tariff code:8543.70.9860
    Package Dimensions:2 x 2 x 4 in.

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