Decora® Dual Mic Preamp with Automatic Gain

The D SERIES-TPSM2A is a single-gang Decora style two channel microphone preamplifier compatible with other RDL Format-A senders and receivers as well as RDL RU-FN and RU-BNF Dante™ interfaces. The D-TPSM2A provides 48 volt phantom power for condenser microphones and XLR inputs accept signals from both dynamic and condenser microphones. One of the features that […]

More Phantom Power to You

The RDL STD‑150 is a passive audio combiner/divider designed around the standard microphone output impedance of 150 Ohms. If you need to mix two or three microphones at the same level or if you need to split a mic signal to two or three locations, the STD‑150 is a practical yet elegant approach. If the […]

Phantom Power

Phantom power specifications are well standardized under IEC 61938 and DIN 45 596. Acceptable voltages and current supply capabilities are well defined. Positive phantom voltage is found on the balanced microphone output terminals (pins 2 and 3 of an XLR connector) with the ground return on the shield. There is no such standard for the […]

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