Choose the Audio Relay with the Correct Release Time

The ST-VOX1 Voice Operated Relay can be actuated by an unbalanced mic or line level source. It is primarily used in intercom and talkback applications where a fast contact release time (adjustable 70 to 260 ms) is desired. In applications where longer release times are desired we suggest the use of ST-ACR Series Audio Controlled […]

How to: Jukebox Override Background Music

Some time ago we discussed the various uses of RDL ST-ACR Series Audio Controlled Relays. One of the applications mentioned was Jukebox Overrides Background Music . We are frequently asked to provide point to point wiring diagrams for this type of application and have produced the following drawings for balanced or unbalanced / mono or […]

Switching Controlled by an Audio Signal

RDL ST-ACR Series Audio Controlled Relays are used in any application where an audio signal must be used to create either a relay closure or Open-Collector output to control another piece of equipment or a circuit. Common applications include:   Juke Box overrides Background Music AN-2024 Silence or “Dead Air” Sensor in broadcast environments Automatic […]

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