Control One Audio Level From Multiple Locations

Level control from a single remote location is a popular application made simple using two RDL modules. The RDL RLC10K Remote Level Control mounts in the wall; the ST‑VCA2 Voltage Controlled Amplifier mounts in the rack (or wherever the power amplifier is located!). The ST‑VCA2 adjusts the line input level to an audio power amplifier using a 0‑to‑10 Vdc control voltage from the RLC10K. Only three wire conductors are needed between the modules. A wide variety of wire types is possible, from CAT5 to microphone cable! Audio quality is unaffected by the distance between the modules. If multiple control locations are needed, the ST‑VCA2 is controlled by an ST‑RG1 Ramp Generator. The ST‑RG1 generates the 0-to-10 Vdc that sets the ST-VCA2 audio level. RDL RLC2 Remote Level Controls, wired in parallel, command the ST‑RG1 to ramp the control voltage up or down. High quality pushbuttons provide the user interface. Each RLC2 features 10 LEDs that provide a visual indication of the level setting. Multiple RLC2 modules may be connected to the same ST‑RG1 providing multiple user control points. Only five wire conductors are required (3 control, 2 power) between the ramp generator and the remote controls. Because the RLC2 controls are all wired in parallel, many controls can be “daisy-chained” on a single home run. CAT5 wire is commonly used to connect the remote controls; the unused CAT5 pair can be“doubled up”with the power pair to extend the control distance thousands of feet from the rack!
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