Simple Two Room Audio Combining System

A common application we are asked to help with is a simple Two Room Combining System. The system shown in the drawings below allows the user to combine the outputs of the ROOM A and ROOM B mixers and route the combined signals to the ROOM A and ROOM B amplifiers.

The D-RT2 Remote Control provides a visual indication of the system status:

  • ON = Combined
  • OFF = Not Combined

Products referred to in the drawings include:

  • 2 ST-UMX3 Universal Audio Mixer
  • 2 STD-600 – Passive Audio Divider / Combiner
  • 2 ST-SSR1 – Line-Level Audio Switch – 2 x 1
  • 1 PS-24AS or PS-24AX – 24 Vdc Switching Power Supply, 500 mA
  • 1 D-RT2 – Remote Control Selector
  • 2 FP-PA35A 35 W Audio Amplifier w/ Power Supply
  • 2 D-J3 – Mic/Line Input Assembly

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