The Versatile RU-MLD4 Audio Distribution Amplifier

The RU-MLD4 is a multipurpose 1 X 4 mono Audio Distribution Amplifier with the flexibility, reliability and quality engineered into every RDL product.

The RU-MLD4 input and each of the four outputs are switch selectable between microphone and line-level. A user-adjustable front panel gain trimmer and RDL Dual-led VU meter are provided to simplify set-up. Connections may be made using the front panel XLRs or the rear panel detachable terminal blocks.

At microphone level, the input features switch-selectable 24 Vdc IEC phantom power and two adjustable gain settings (LO – Off to 52 dB Gain and HI – Off to 69 dB Gain) to accommodate a wide variety of dynamic or condenser microphones.

The adjustable gain range is Off to 20 dB when the input is used at line level.

Each of the four audio outputs is electronically isolated and may be configured as balanced or unbalanced at microphone or line levels. Optionally, transformer isolated outputs are available by ordering the RU-MLD4T.

Use it as a 1 X 4 Microphone Preamp/Distribution Amplifier with microphone and/or line outputs or a 1 X 4 Line Amp / DA with microphone and/or line outputs.

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