Ultra-Compact 40 Watt Stereo Power Amplifiers

Modern flat panel televisions and video displays can provide a wonderful visual experience, but many fall short when it comes to the audio that goes along with the video. On many models the built in loudspeakers are next to each other immediately under the display itself. The proximity of these limits the stereo experience. Furthermore the fidelity and bandwidth of the built in loudspeakers often leaves much to be desired. In many commercial and residential applications, additional amplifiers and loudspeakers are necessary to provide an audio experience equal to the video. The ability to choose high quality loudspeakers and place them in the environment for optimum stereo effect can be a real benefit.

In installations in very large rooms the display may be large enough but the audio may not be loud enough at the farthest distances from the display. Additional amplifiers and loudspeakers placed where needed can provide optimum coverage through out the room and maintain stereo imaging.

The TX-PA40D and RU-PA40D Stereo Power Amplifiers each provide 20 Watts RMS per Channel into an 8 ohm load and feature an integral Compressor/Limiter to prevent clipping and maximize average output power. Both amplifiers ship with a power supply.

The TX-PA40D is suggested for televisions with variable line-level outputs to control volume. The RU-PA40D is equipped with an internal stereo VCA for controlling amplifier outputs with an external 0-10 V controller, such as an RDL RLC10K Remote Level Control.

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