RDL EZ Series products provide the highest level of value to A/V professionals and A/V users who demand professional quality. Based on decades of industry-leading technology in professional A/V and installed sound and video, EZ products capitalize on RDL´s renowned automated manufacturing to yield unsurpassed value. EZ products are a step up from other industry manufacturers´ utility modules, and are a leap up from consumer-grade products.

The EZ series offers unparalleled flexibility. Each unit is fully labeled on the front and rear for use either as a finished product or as a utility module. Installation of multiple products is quick and easy using the comprehensive range of EZ rack mounts, chassis, bezels, drawers and accessories. High quality full-size switches, long life controls, quality connectors, solid-state audio and video switching, gold plating and superior engineering combine to make EZ the best value in the industry. EZ products are attractive, reliable, packed with features and are simple to install and operate. When long-term performance, quality and value matter, the choice is EZ.

EZ products are made in the USA by RDL, the inventor of application-specific modules bringing decades of experience as the world´s leading manufacturer of high-reliability performance products to the A/V industry. EZ SERIES modules are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

  • EZ-ADA4

    Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier - 1X4

  • EZ-AFC2

    Audio Format Converter - Stereo Balanced ↔ Unbalanced

  • EZ-AVX4

    Composite Video and Stereo Audio Input Switcher - 4X1

  • EZ-CC6

    Component Chassis for 6 Increments of 1/6 Rack Width

  • EZ-DC1

    Desktop Chassis for 1/6 Rack Width EZ Products

  • EZ-DC2

    Desktop Chassis for 1/3 Rack Width EZ Products

  • EZ-FP1

    Filler Panel - 1/6 Rack Width for EZ-RA6 or EZ-CC6

  • EZ-HDA4A

    Stereo Headphone Distribution Amp - 1X4 Front-Panel Outputs

  • EZ-HDA4B

    Stereo Headphone Distribution Amp - 1X4 Rear-Panel Outputs

  • EZ-HDA6

    Stereo Headphone Distribution Amp - 1X6 Rear-Panel Outputs

  • EZ-HK1

    Stereo Audio Hum Killer

  • EZ-HK2

    Composite Video Hum Killer

  • EZ-HK3

    Audio/Video Hum Killer

  • EZ-HSX4

    Stereo Audio Input Switcher with Headphone Amp - 4X1

  • EZ-MCP1

    Microphone Compressor

  • EZ-MPA1

    Microphone Preamplifier - Stereo Output with Compressors