Dante® Plenum-rated Network Audio Amplifiers

RDL manufacturers dozens of audio amplifiers for Dante network or conventional audio systems, including a selection of plenum-rated network audio amplifiers. Amplifier models and features: SF-NP35E PoE++ Network to 35 W Mono Audio Amplifier – 70 V or 100 V SF-NP16E PoE+ Network to 16 W Mono Audio Amplifier – 70 V or 100 V […]

Schoonover Center – Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication

RDL Dante™ Interface and Headphone Amplifiers provide students with personal audio monitoring in the Critical Listening and Post Production Studio As part of a progressive movement to put students ahead of their time with professions in audio engineering and multimedia content creation, Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication incorporated RDL’s TP-HA1A FORMAT-A™ Headphone Amplifier, along […]

Setting IP Addresses of Dante™ Devices

In order for Dante devices to communicate with a computer loaded with DANTE CONTROLLER, the Dante devices and the computer must first be on the same network (in the same range of IP addresses). If not on the same network, Dante Controller will discover and display the names of the devices, but will not be […]

Decora® Dual Mic Preamp with Automatic Gain

The D SERIES-TPSM2A is a single-gang Decora style two channel microphone preamplifier compatible with other RDL Format-A senders and receivers as well as RDL RU-FN and RU-BNF Dante™ interfaces. The D-TPSM2A provides 48 volt phantom power for condenser microphones and XLR inputs accept signals from both dynamic and condenser microphones. One of the features that […]

Adapt Existing Audio Power Amplifiers to a Dante Network

Upgrading a sound system to include Dante networked audio doesn’t mean replacing all of the existing power amplifiers. An FP-NML2 Network to Mic/Line Interface will convert 2 Dante audio channels for connection to any device with analog mic or line-level inputs. Each output is equipped with a recessed “MIC/LINE” switch that allows the installer to […]