Adapt Existing Audio Power Amplifiers to a Dante Network

Upgrading a sound system to include Dante networked audio doesn’t mean replacing all of the existing power amplifiers. An FP-NML2 Network to Mic/Line Interface will convert 2 Dante audio channels for connection to any device with analog mic or line-level inputs. Each output is equipped with a recessed “MIC/LINE” switch that allows the installer to choose the proper gain setting for the device being fed. Identical to the FP-NML2 in most respects, the FP-NML2V adds the convenience of a VCA (voltage controlled attenuator) on each output. These VCA’s are compatible with a variety of RDL Remote Level Controls or any OEM equipment with 0 to 10 Vdc or 0 to 10 kΩ control outputs. The two VCA’s can be controlled individually or with a single remote. Both the FP-NML2 and FP-NML2V are powered from an external power supply which is sold separately. The FP-NML2P and FP-NML2VP are the PoE enabled versions.
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