Monitor up to 12 Channels of Audio in a Single Rack Unit

Used in commercial, professional, studio and broadcast applications to measure and display audio levels, the RU-SM16A and RU-SM16D provide a flexible, precision analog audio metering solution. InfoComm Product Overview Video Rear-panel switches allow the user to define each meter string in terms of: LEVEL:
  • Line-level – Balanced or Unbalanced
  • 25V Constant Voltage or 8W < 100 Watts
  • 70V Constant Voltage or 8W 100 to 500 Watts
  • 100V Constant Voltage or 8W 500 to 1200 Watts
  • Fixed – relative to +4 dBu, 25V, 70V, 100V
  • Variable – allows 0 dB meter LED to be calibrated to average levels as much as 20 dB below the FIXED value.
  • Peak – meter responds to peak audio content
  • Average – meter displays average audio level following VU time constants
  • At either setting the upper three LEDs (+10, +14, +18) remain in PEAK HOLD mode.
The high efficiency LEDs used in both the RU-SM16A and RU-SM16D are nice and bright, providing great visibility with low current requirements.  
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