Mount a 1 RU Product to a Shelf, Countertop or other Flat Surface

  If you’ve ever needed to mount a 1 RU mixer, amplifier or controller under a shelf or counter, you’ve likely been called a “scrounger” by all the other trades on the construction site.
  • The pipe-fitters grudgingly provided you a piece of metal plumber’s tape.
  • One of the framing carpenters caught you pilfering his scrap pile for a couple of blocks of wood. He was kind enough to cut them to length for you.
  • The drywall screws were easy to come by. You picked them up off the floor.
  • The electricians gave you directions to the hardware store.
  • The cabinet makers threatened you with bodily harm (among other things) if you damaged their finished product.
  • You were able to bend the piece of sheet metal that you found out by the dumpster into a nice little bracket. Then you cut your finger on it and spent the next half hour finding the first aid kit in the back of the truck.
  • The flooring installers were growing somewhat hostile. It seems they needed to lay tile in the location where you were working.
In the end, the architect told you (not in a kind way) that your installation was not acceptable. All of this could have been avoided if you’d only had an RDL MBR-1U Mounting Bracket on hand. It even works with half-width rack pieces.
MBR-1U Mounted under Countertop
MBR-1U Mounted under Countertop
MBR-1U Brackets
MBR-1U Brackets
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