Audio Distribution Over CATx Cable to Multiple Endpoints Using FORMAT-A

RDL FORMAT-A products offer a variety of solutions to simplify the design and installation of any sound system by using economical and readily available CAT5 or better 4 PR UTP cabling. FORMAT-A products are capable of transporting up to three channels of audio over a single four pair cable to single or multiple endpoints. Three of the four pairs carry audio and the fourth pair is used for the distribution of power to multiple modules. Capable of carrying analog audio over cable distances of 2,000 feet with no signal degradation, active FORMAT-A products are perfect for use in projects such as large commercial, educational and industrial complexes as well as sports and performance venues. They are equally at home in smaller applications including meeting rooms, conference rooms and whole house music systems. The bridging input circuitry used in active FORMAT-A receivers allows for the connection of up to ten receivers to a single sender without overloading the output of an active sender.

Format-A Application Example:

AN-2108 Paging Distribution in an Office Complex


Format-A Endpoint Examples:

Decora-Style Active Loudspeaker – Format-A

3.5 W Audio Power Amplifier

Format-A Stereo Headphone Amplifier

Active Three-Pair Sender – Twisted Pair Format-A – XLR microphone & stereo RCA in
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