Prevent THUMPS and POPS When Powering A/V System On or Off

Proper power ON and OFF sequencing in a sound system will prevent annoying and sometimes damaging THUMPS and POPS by turning power amplifiers ON last and OFF first. Sequentially powering ON multiple electrical / electronic components will also help manage high inrush currents that can cause circuit breakers to trip and current-limited power supplies to shut down.

The RDL RU-SQ6A Sequencing Controller provides outputs for six steps of power control. The Timing Interval between steps is adjustable between 1 to 10 seconds. Each step provides both Open Collector and SPST (Form A) dry contact outputs for interface with a wide variety of RDL and 3rd Party products.

Open-collector outputs are each rated at 50 mA continuous (200 mA surge) and are suitable for the operation of:

  • 24 Vdc relay coils found in OEM low-voltage controllable mains power strips and outlets
  • 24 Vdc visual indicators
  • logic inputs on OEM control systems
  • SLAVE or TRIGGER inputs of other RDL modules

Dry-contact (Form A) outputs are capable of switching up to 2 A (220 Vdc, 125 Vac) to directly switch 24 Vdc power to RDL amplifiers or operate relays / contactors with different operating voltages.

A rear-panel switch, set by the installer, determines if control of the RU-SQ6A will be by the front-panel SEQUENCE CONTROL switch or if the UP or DOWN sequencing will be remotely initiated. Front-panel LEDs are provided to indicate this selection. Remote activation can be accomplished via contact or open-collector closure to ground provided by a variety of RDL wall controls and sensors or OEM products.

Application Diagrams Showing the RU-SQ6A in Use:

AN-2173 Eliminate Audio Pops During System Power-Up and Power-Down

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