Voice Intercom System using 2 STICK-ONs

The ST-IC1 Intercom Amplifier is the building block for a variety of voice intercom applications ranging from Patient Monitoring in health care facilities to Entry Access communications in industrial, residential, educational and correctional facilities. The ST-IC1 has a single microphone level input, a single speaker level output and muting control terminals. The input is capable of accepting signals from balanced dynamic or condenser mics or loudspeakers with an impedance range of 8 – 45 Ohms.  The output will drive more than 1 watt RMS into an 8 Ohm load and can be connected to loads of 4 Ohms or greater. Typically, two ST-IC1 modules are used to create a two station intercom system. One station (the Master) must be provided with a Push-to-Talk switch to control the directional flow of the conversation and prevent feedback. In applications where the remote station loudspeaker must also act as the microphone, an ST-LCR1 Logic Controlled Relay can be utilized to switch the speaker between the output of one module and the input of the other. The ST-IC1 can also be used stand-alone as a paging amplifier in applications such as waiting rooms and smaller assembly areas.   Application Diagrams Showing the ST-IC1 in Use: AN-2057 Intercom System for Health Care Facility AN-2021 Speaker Serves Dual Duty as Microphone and Speaker  
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