Expandable Audio Mixing

Featuring the versatility, reliability and low-noise performance typical of RDL products, the RU-MX5ML provides expandable audio mixing capabilities for applications in corporate, house of worship, sports, educational and hospitality environments. The RU-MX5ML features five inputs each with a front panel user adjustable level control. Four inputs are switch-selectable mic or line. The fifth is line level only. Inputs selected for microphone use are capable of providing 24 V Phantom Power (IEC 1938: 1996-12) on an individual basis. A sixth input, “Direct Mix”, provides for mixer expansion by accepting a line-level output from another RU-MX5ML. Up to three mixers can be bussed together for a total of fifteen inputs. The mixer also provides mic (-45 dBu) and line (+4 dBu) outputs that may be operated simultaneously. The output section also includes an RDL dual-LED VU meter to assist the user in setting levels properly. All connections to the RU-MX5ML are made using convenient and cost effective detachable terminal blocks on the rear panel. Up to three mixers can be mounted in a single rack space (1RU) by using the optional RU-RA3HD rack adaptor.
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