RACK-UP Series Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifiers

The RDL RU-ADA4D and RU-ADA8D are high performance line level Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifiers suitable for use in any professional audio application. The RU-ADA4D is Stereo X 4 and the RU-ADA8D is Stereo X 8. Inputs are provided with front panel screw driver adjustable gain trimmers and RDL Dual-LED VU meters to assure proper operating levels. Level adjustments are provided for each of the isolated outputs allowing the installer to apply proper gain structure throughout the system. Each input and output may be wired balanced or unbalanced to allow the integration of consumer products in a professional environment. Both the RU-ADA4D and RU-ADA8D may be operated in mono mode, doubling the number of available outputs. RACK-UPs are the original 1/3 rack width 1RU rack-mountable modules for the A/V, recording and broadcast industries. Module functions include mixing, switching, pre-amplification, power amplification, distribution, gain control, equalization and more.   RU-ADA4D Application: AN-2140               RU-ADA8D Application: AN-2141    
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