Keep your mixers in the closet but have the controls where you need them!

It is often desirable to install audio mixers and amplifiers in an equipment closet or other secure environment while retaining access to system controls in the performance or presentation space.  In some environments the power cabling and signal wiring to a mixer can be messy and may even become a safety hazard. A single RJ45 cable between an easily accessed remote control and a remotely installed mixer or mixer amplifier can really keep things clean, safe and attractive! A number of RDL’s mixer and mixer/amplifier products are equipped with VCA level controls on each input:
  • FP-MX3R Remote Controlled Line-Level Mixer
  • FP-TPX3A Format-A Twisted Pair Remote Controlled Mixer
  • HD-RA35U 35 Watt 4 Ohm / 8 Ohm Remote Mixer Amplifier
  • HD-RA35UA 35 Watt 25, 70, 100 V Remote Mixer Amplifier
These devices are all compatible with the following remote control wall panels:
  • D-RC2 Remote Audio Mixing Control
  • DS-RC2 Remote Audio Mixing Control
  • D-RC2M Remote Audio Mixing Control with Muting
  • DS-RC2M Remote Audio Mixing Control with Muting
  • D-RC3 Remote Audio Mixing Control
  • DS-RC3 Remote Audio Mixing Control
  • D-RC3M Remote Audio Mixing Control with Muting
  • DS-RC3M Remote Audio Mixing Control with Muting
Wiring between the mixer and control panel consists of a single 4 pair Cat 5 cable with RJ45 (8P8C) modular connectors on each end.  The under carpet flat variety RJ 45 cable allows for exceptionally clean installations, even in retrofit applications.    
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