Audio Message Repeater for Retail Stores, Hospitals and More

Transportation centers, hospitals, retail outlets, entertainment centers and factories often require that a voice message or series of voice messages be repeated over the public address system at given intervals or upon certain conditions. The RDL FP-MR2 Message Repeater provides up to one minute and forty seconds of music quality digital message storage. Playback of the single message can be triggered either by external contacts or the integral interval timer. The unbalanced line-level record input simplifies the recording of messages and allows for changing content on the fly.  Messages can be recorded live or transferred from any unbalanced line-level source. A line-level Music input is provided for the insertion of background music. The music may be ducked or fully muted during message playback. Several FP-MR2 Message Repeaters can be cascaded and interlocked in applications where multiple messages are required.
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