Automatic Audio Ducking

In audio, a Ducker is a device used for lowering the level of one audio source based on the presence of another audio source. Often used in paging systems to lower the level of background music during a page, duckers are also used for voiceovers in radio, television and film production. The RDL ST-VP2 Automatic Ducking Module is a two input device that normally passes program connected to the MUSIC input. When audio is sensed at the VOICE input the MUSIC input is immediately compressed and attenuated to a predetermined level. This attenuation is maintained as long as signal is present at the VOICE input. When VOICE signal is no longer present, the MUSIC source is automatically restored to its’ normal level and the VOICE input is completely turned off. The MUSIC input of the ST-VP2 is equipped with an AGC/Compressor circuit to produce consistent audio levels despite varying input levels. During voice-over operation, sudden, loud music passages are controlled to prevent veiling of the voice message. Four separate adjustments are available on the ST-VP2:
  • MUSIC Level
  • VOICE Level
  • MUSIC Fade Depth: 0 to -25 dB, or OFF
  • MUSIC Recovery Delay: 2 to 4 seconds
All adjustments are made with multi-turn trimmers. Level adjustments are aided by the inclusion of an LED indicator for each of the two line-level inputs. For applications where manually controlled ducking is required, consider the ST-VP1 Voice Over / Paging Module. Application Diagrams: AN-2050 BASIC PAGING OVER BACKGROUND MUSIC User-Controlled Voice-Over Paging with 70 V Amplification of BGM and Paging AN-2050 AN-2080 PRIORITIZED PAGING Automatic Ducking with Multiple Paging Locations AN-2080 AN-2062 PRIORITIZED PAGING Automatic Ducking with Multiple Paging Locations AN-2062 AN-2064 KSU/PBX PAGING WITH BGM OVERRIDE Paging System for Office Space with BGM Override AN-2064 AN-2133 CLASSROOM SYSTEM WITH PRIORITIZED PAGING Full-Featured “Green” Mixer Amp Integrates Two Paging Priorities AN-2133
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