Add Additional Audio Inputs to an Existing Mixer

The ST-MX3 is a quality, yet cost effective way of mixing up to three line-level signals to a single line-level output. Balanced and/or unbalanced line-level signals of different levels and impedances may be combined with typical RDL low-noise and low-distortion performance.   The ST-MX3 is often used for:
  • adding additional inputs to an existing mixer
  • mixing a stereo source to mono
  • combining transmit and receive signals in two-way radio logging systems
Each input of the mixer features a separate preamplifier circuit, which isolates it from the other inputs. The three signals are actively summed. The 30 kW bridging inputs accept balanced or unbalanced, high or low impedance signals. A single-turn trimmer is provided to adjust the input level of each input. Input gain is adjustable – Unity +24 dB / -14dB. The output section of the ST-MX3 is designed to drive high or low impedance lines.
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