Distribution of 24 Vdc Power – TX-PD8X Helps Simplify Life

Connecting multiple RDL modules to a single power supply has been made easier with the introduction of the TX-PD8X Switching Power Supply Distributor. Designed for use with a current-limited switching power supply, the TX-PD8X can distribute power from the supply to 8 RDL modules with a total load of up to 2 Amps. Current-limited switching power supplies have a tendency to shut down upon power-up if a high current capacitive load is connected. The TX-PD8X avoids power supply fold-over during power-up by ramping up the voltage, charging any load capacitance as quickly as possible, then switching full voltage to the load. External ON / OFF control of the TX-PD8X is possible by dry contact or open-collector using a variety of RDL products including:
TX-PD8X Cables
(8 cables included)
  To further simplify life, the TX-PD8X ships with 8 connectorized power cables. Each cable is 1 meter in length.       Application Diagrams Showing the TX-PD8X in Use: AN-2172 Powering Multiple Systems From one Power Supply AN-2173 Sequence Low Voltage DC Power and Amplifiers
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