Kill Ground Loop Hum with the EZ-HK1 Stereo Audio Hum Killer

Ground loop hum is often encountered whenever two pieces of unbalanced audio equipment are connected together but are being powered from outlets on different circuits. The difference in ground potential between two pieces of unbalanced audio equipment can be a major cause of noise in audio systems today. The EZ-HK1 eliminates hum due to ground loops when it is installed between an unbalanced audio source, such as a computer, CD player, cassette player or other consumer audio product, and the input of a grounded amplifier in an audio system. Offering both 3.5mm Mini-Jacks and gold-plated RCA jacks the EZ-HK1 can be installed into any modern audio system that uses consumer level audio equipment. The EZ-HK1 offers unbalanced stereo galvanic isolation and a Switch-Selectable ground lift for the OUTPUT jacks. The shield connection of each INPUT jack is electrically isolated from the case and from the output ground.  The EZ-HK1 is perfect for portable use or for permanent installations where ever audio ground-loop hum elimination is needed.    
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