70V to Unbalanced Line-Level Conversion

Do you ever need to feed the audio from a 70V distributed loud speaker system into a line-level device in a remote location? Do you ever need a few more loudspeakers than your existing 70V amplifier can drive but have no convenient line-level audio to run into a local amplifier? Well RDL has the module for you! The TX-70A 70/25/100 volt input interface matches a 100, 70 or 25 volt speaker line to any unbalanced line level audio input.  Simply install the TX-70A as you would a 70V speaker tap and adjust the trimmer for proper output level. The TX-70A features the advanced circuitry for which RDL products are known, combined with durable, quality connectors. The ultra-compact TX-70A can be mounted in limited space using the included adhesive methods or may be mounted directly to a backboard or chassis using a variety of mounting options available from RDL.  
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