Multi-Purpose Dual High Gain Line Amplifiers In A Small Package

The RDL STA-2A is a versatile two channel, line-level audio preamplifier.  Broadcasters and integrators rely on its wideband frequency response, low noise and low distortion for tasks such as:
  • Conversion between balanced and unbalanced lines
  • Conversion between high and low impedance
  • Providing up to 24 dB of adjustable gain to low level signals or for long line transmission
Like most other active RDL products, the STA-2A input and output circuits are configured to allow any combination of balanced or unbalanced connections. High impedance inputs and low impedance outputs provide for interface with low or high impedance sources and loads. Gain on each channel is adjustable Unity +24 / -14 dB It’s a STICK-ON. It will fit just about anyplace you need it!
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