RDL’s Secret Test Arsenal

The PT‑AMG2 Portable Audio Signal Generator and Monitor provides a rugged compact solution for the numerous checks required when installing and setting up a system. The PT‑AMG2 provides a stable tone generator at a reference level of +4 dBu (switch selectable to +6 dBu) on its balanced output and -10 dBu on its unbalanced output. The output may also be set to mic level (attenuated 50 dB). Monitoring is done with an LED VU meter, with 0 VU corresponding to the levels produced by the generator. There is also an LED labeled IN PHASE providing assurance that polarity is not inverted on the signal path. There is also an onboard amplifier and speaker to monitor the quality of an audio source. The PT‑AMG2 is housed in a rugged metal chassis. In the field, it can be powered by two 9 Volt batteries. On the bench, a jack allows a 12 to 30 Volt external supply to power the unit. A mounting bracket for bench use is supplied with the unit as well as a set of test leads. When it is necessary to have a stand-alone generator (e.g. opposite ends of a long cable run), the PT‑ASG1 fits the bill. The PT‑ASG1 contains the generator section of the PT‑AMG2. The PT‑ASG1 also comes with a mounting bracket and test leads and is housed in the same style rugged metal chassis as the PT‑AMG2. The PT-IC1 is a padded nylon instrument case designed to comfortably carry both units and an assortment of test leads to the job site.
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