Stereo Unbalanced to Balanced Conversion with Adjustable Gain



The ST-UBA2 Two Channel Unbalanced to Balanced Amplifier is used in applications where unbalanced consumer level signals must be converted for operation in a professional +4dBu environment.

The 10 kOhm unbalanced Left and Right inputs are designed to accept signals from -20 dBV to -10 dBV.  Multi-turn gain trimmers and Dual-LED VU meters are provided for each channel allowing the installer to precisely and independently set the gain for the Left and Right outputs. A summed mono output is also available for driving monitor or subwoofer amplifiers. All three outputs are balanced 150 Ohm. The adjustable gain range is 2 dB to 22dB.

Featuring the audio clarity, low-noise, low-distortion and excellent crosstalk performance typical of RDL STICK-ON® modules the ST-UBA2 can be installed where ever you might need it.


Application Diagrams Showing the ST-IC1 in Use:

AN-2190 Stereo Unbalanced Audio Source Connects to Stereo Balanced Mixer Input

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