Choose the Audio Relay with the Correct Release Time

The ST-VOX1 Voice Operated Relay can be actuated by an unbalanced mic or line level source. It is primarily used in intercom and talkback applications where a fast contact release time (adjustable 70 to 260 ms) is desired. In applications where longer release times are desired we suggest the use of ST-ACR Series Audio Controlled […]

Remote Switching of Speaker-Level Signals

In installations that require the capability to remotely switch loudspeakers off or on when portions of a facility are not in use, the RDL ST-LCR1H High Power Logic Controlled Relay and D Series-RT2 Remote Control Selector provide the ideal solution. The ST-LCR1H is capable of switching speaker loads up to 500 Watts. The D Series-RT2 […]

Gating a Noisy Signal

A recent call into the RDL Tech Support line came from a contractor who was installing a paging system on a campus where it was not practical to run cable between the various buildings. They had installed a low power FM transmitter at the main office and receivers that fed the amplifiers in the various […]

Automatically Provide Gain to Low Level Signals and Attenuation to High Level Signals

    The high performance ST-GCA3 is an automatic gain control amplifier that provides a constant average audio output despite variations in input levels. It is used extensively in broadcast production and transmission, conferencing and sound reinforcement systems. The ST-GCA3 automatically provides gain to low level signals and attenuation to high levels. The adjustment rate […]

Voice Intercom System using 2 STICK-ONs

The ST-IC1 Intercom Amplifier is the building block for a variety of voice intercom applications ranging from Patient Monitoring in health care facilities to Entry Access communications in industrial, residential, educational and correctional facilities. The ST-IC1 has a single microphone level input, a single speaker level output and muting control terminals. The input is capable […]

Tidy Up Your Projector / Amplifier Installations

The RDL PM-3T Pole Mount tray provides the perfect solution for the tidy, professional installation of any RU, TX, FP or STICK-ON Power Amplifier and Power Supply that is used in conjunction with a projector.  The design of the PM-3T allows it to be quickly installed above the projector even after the projector is in […]

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