Power Supply Mounting

External power supplies and the associated power cords and low voltage leads can present a problem and even a safety hazard in some, especially compact, A/V installations. For installations requiring the use of multiple power supplies, RDL offers numerous solutions for mounting both wall wart and desktop type power supplies: WH1 and WH2 “Warthog” Power Supply Mounting Adapters: Each “Warthog” can accommodate up to six Wall Wart type power supplies and comes complete with six – 6” UL/CSA power cords as well as detachable mounting tabs and cable ties for securing the power supplies. The WH1 is intended for wall mounting and the WH2 is designed for mounting to the rear-rails of a 19” equipment rack. RC-PS5 19” Rack Mount for 5 Desktop Power Supplies in a single RU. RC-HPS1 10.4” (Half Width) Rack Mount for 1 Desktop Power Supply and a single TX or STICK-ON series product in a single RU. RC-HPS3 10.4” (Half Width) Rack Mount for 3 Desktop Power Supplies in a single RU.
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