Passive Audio Combining and Dividing

The RDL STD Series of Divider / Combiners provide a cost effective way of combining audio signals from multiple sources with similar impedance and level characteristics or for distributing a single audio signal to multiple inputs. They are frequently used to combine stereo sources to mono or to combine several microphones to a single output. Each passive STD module is a four channel resistive branching network with RF filtering.  Any channel may be used as an input or an output.

Possible I/O combinations include:

  • 1 in to 3 out
  • 2 in to 2 out
  • 3 in to 1 out

STD Series Divider / Combiners are available with the following Input / Output impedances:

Inputs and outputs may be configured as balanced or unbalanced however, balanced and unbalanced signals may not be combined on a single module.

STD Series products are passive and therefore not intended as isolation devices. Where isolation is required or where sources with different levels, impedance or balanced / unbalanced configuration are to be combined or distributed we encourage the use of active RDL mixers and / or distribution amplifiers.


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