Low Input Signal?

Do you love the RDL TX-J2 but sometimes run into situations where your input signal is a little low and could use a bit of gain?  Take a look at our TX-LC2 and prepare to fall in love again!  Like the TX-J2, the TX-LC2 mixes two unbalanced line-level signals into a mono balanced output but with the added benefit of having up to +10 dB of gain available.  The available gain is fully adjustable +/-10 dB via a 3/4 turn potentiometer.  With its input impedance of 10K bridging and output impedance of 150 ohms (balanced), the TX-LC2 is perfectly suited to drive low or high impedance balanced or unbalanced lines. It can be used  at any gain or loss settings in applications where the higher output impedance of the passive TX-J2 may be less than ideal.  The TX-LC2 is normally operated from a 24 Vdc power supply but it may be operated from a 12 Vdc power supply with a reduction in available headroom of around 6 dB.  If you love the TX-J2 the TX-LC2 is definitely worth a look.
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