Rack Mounting Decora® Remote Controls and Panels

Decora® style remote controls and wall panels are typically mounted in a wall, but given the compact design and wide variety of products available in RDL’s D-Series product offering, RDL customers may wish to mount these products in a rack.  RDL remote controls and D-series panels can be readily rack mounted using the RM-D3 or the RM-D9 rack mount adaptors.
The RM-D3 can accommodate three remote control or D-series modules in a single RU. The RM-D9 is a three RU panel that will hold up to nine Decora® products. Finished in a durable black powder coat, the steel panels feature label pockets for each cut-out and a rear wire management tray with penetrations for wire ties.

RM-D3 and RM-D9 panels ship complete with 10/32 rack screws, 6/32 black machine screws and clear plastic label protectors. Unused cut-outs can be populated with RM-DFP1 Filler Panels. As an alternative, D-BLANK (white) or DS-BLANK (stainless) filler panels could be used to match the color of the installed RDL controls and D-Series products.  Whether mounting an RDL remote control for controlling a VCA, or input plates to feed various rack mounted equipment, RDL’s Decora rack mount adapters add flexibility to any installation.

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