RLC10K Remote Level Control

If you’ve ever used RDL’s ST-VCA3, RU-VCA2 or RU-VCA2D voltage controlled amplifiers, you are without a doubt familiar with the RLC10K remote level control. This premium quality, all-metal remote control is well known for its ease of installation and professional, aesthetic appearance. What might not be so well known is how easily the RCL10K can be used with other OEM amplifiers and VCAs. Many OEM amplifiers and VCAs are equipped with remote volume capabilities that simply require an adjustable 0-10 kΩ control. The RLC10K provides the required 0-10 kΩ linear potentiometer in an attractive and easy to install Decora® style package. The text on the front panel of the stainless steel version (RLC10KS) may be customized to fit your and/or your customer’s needs. RLC10K Features
  • Rotary Control
  • Direct Connection to RDL® VCA Modules, OEM Amplifiers and VCAs
  • Single Control Location
  • Professional Aesthetic Appearance
Most installations require only a two or three wire connection.  To see if the RLC10K is right for your next installation contact RDL Tech Support today! Examples of the RLC10K being utilized in common applications:
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