Power Supplies

All active RDL modules operate on 24 VDC. Current requirements for each module differ. Using a 24 volt AC power adaptor will likely cause the module to release its MAGIC SMOKE and will certainly void the warranty. Most modules do not ship with a power supply. The reasoning behind this is that in many cases multiple modules may be powered using a single power supply. There are a few exceptions to this, mostly in the case of power amplifiers and mixer amplifiers that might have higher current requirements. All active EZ Series products do ship with power supplies. To determine whether or not a power supply must be ordered separately, take a look at the Product Resources box located on the right hand side of the web page for your chosen module(s). In order to calculate the total current requirement for your RDL products, check the Power Requirement under the Specification tab of each module you are using.   Add the values together and select the appropriate power supply based on the total current draw of the selected RDL products. For more information on power supplies see the Common Characteristics document https://rdlnet.com/downloads/reference/common_characteristics.pdf. PS-24AS 24 volts DC 500 mA North America https://rdlnet.com/downloads/datasheets/ps_24as.pdf PS-24AX 24 volts DC 500 mA International * https://rdlnet.com/downloads/datasheets/ps_24ax.pdf PS-24KS 24 volts DC 1,000 mA North America https://rdlnet.com/downloads/datasheets/ps_24ks.pdf PS-24KX 24 volts DC 1,000 mA International * https://rdlnet.com/downloads/datasheets/ps_24kx.pdf PS-24V2A Power Supply 24 volts DC 2,000 mA North America https://rdlnet.com/product.php?page=579 PS-24V2 Power Supply 24 volts DC 2,000 mA In-Line No Power Cord https://rdlnet.com/downloads/datasheets/ps_24v2.pdf *Indicate which plug style you require when ordering:
  • AU – Australia
  • CN –  China
  • EU – Europe
  • UK – United Kingdom
  • US – North America
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